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Free Survey Scam

Free Survey Scam

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Are Online Paid Surveys a Scam?

At some point in your lifetime anyone who decides to get online has been asked to fill out a free online survey. It doesn’t matter if these surveys are 100 questions or the simple one question reply. Most of the time it feels good to be able to share your feelings about a product or customer service. Whatever it may be, it sort of makes you feel like you have been heard. Eventually we get tired of them and eventually ignore them.

A company wishing to find out how a customer feels about their product, whether they’ve seen a commercial or advertisement is very important. So hiring a marketing research team to go out and find these answers is usually what it takes to generate the answers these companies are looking for. Before the Internet, research teams would have to scour the streets, shopping malls, grocery stores and so forth and try to catch you on the way to your car. This is not only difficult for the research team, it sort of leaves you feeling vulnerable to the idea that you have to answer. It’s a little harder than you think to just say leave me alone sometimes

What started the free survey scam?

free survey scamIn today’s economy it is very important for manufacturers and retail salespeople to get the consumer’s opinion on their products and services. It is getting more and more difficult and competitive for companies to maintain satisfied customers and products that sell. In addition to the basic reasons, companies don’t have close and immediate contact with their customers. This is why paid surveys are so very important.

.The free survey scam started with sending out a questionnaire saying that you can get a free laptop, clothing, TV, etc. by answering just a few simple questions.Filling in your e-mail address based on the idea that if you answer these questions you get these products for free. Now they have your e-mail address! You answer the questions not knowing that you have to participate in 7 to 10 other products before you get the gift that you are promised. By the time you realize it you’ve answered all the questions they need and walk away with nothing. Then your e-mail starts filling up with spam because these free survey scam companies also get paid to advertise for the same companies. Companies that conduct these free survey scam campaigns are nothing like what you get when you sign up with a paid survey program.

free survey scam

Free Survey Scam vs. Legitimate Online Surveys

The idea of The Free Survey Scam was to get consumers to answer questions about products promising them cash, prizes, and more promises. The Free Survey Scam also provides your e-mail inbox with tons of spam promotions from companies who pay the free survey scam company to try to get opinions from consumers. Remember, you get what you pay for and these survey scam companies are exactly what you think. A take a free survey scam!

Legitimate Online Survey companies are fighting to regain a reputation that these free survey scam companies have destroyed. When they ask you to pay to sign up to take surveys, they research the companies that actually pay cash. Each of these companies has a marketing team all its own that research whether or not these are free survey scam companies or companies that pay real cash. They also offer complete money back guarantee satisfaction if you are not happy with them. Along with top-notch customer service, their goal is to change the way you think about an online survey and make money. If you don’t make money and you are not happy these companies will not stay in business long. Some of these companies have been around for 10 to 15 years. And they all offer up 30 to 60 day money back guarantees.

What are real online surveys like?

Free survey scam companies like to tell you that you will receive quality e-mails from companies wanting your opinion. They say these companies will offer trials of new products, and discounts on merchandise. These free survey scam companies offer tokens or points that can be redeemed for cash after a certain number of points are achieved. They offer between 5 to 7 points, sometimes more per survey and then tell you that you need 1,000 points before redeeming them for cash.

Legitimate companies are nothing like the free survey scam. They are very selective about which companies they use for surveys. They research these companies to make sure that they actually pay cash and they are on time with their payments. They have closely related themselves to these companies and monitor them on a regular basis. They also do random phone calls and have feedback pages for those who sign up to leave questions comments and complaints. They want to make sure that a customer who signs up is not being constantly spam or bombarded with useless surveys for points and worthless promises.

Remember, these legitimate companies offer phenomenal pay with minimal risk and at 30 to 60 day guaranteed money back promise. These companies are here to help you make money in online surveys. Read more articles from the article section on the top left-hand side of this page.

Avoid the free survey scam with these top paying companies

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