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Free Survey Scam – Why People Fail

Free Survey Scam – Why People Fail to Make Money
A brief search for free survey companies on the Internet will reveal tons of free survey scam companies. With so many opportunities around, it makes you wonder why people fail to make money in the free survey industry.
Basically, this is because the free survey scam companies draw you in with false promises. Most of these failures fall into three categories. Be leery of the free survey scam and the promises they offer.

Poor choice of where to start:
Most people searching online for free survey find a couple and then jump right in. Not taking the time to investigate what free survey really means, they get the basic bait and switch tactic that these free survey scam companies use. These companies want nothing more than to get your e-mail address so that they can advertise to you products and services. Yes, they do offer you surveys. But these surveys are not for money, they are for points that can be redeemed for cash after a certain amount of points have been achieved. This is the free survey scam problem.
Survey companies that require you to pay to join weed out these survey scam companies and provide you with quality companies that actually want to pay you cash for the valuable information you have and offer.

Failure to get started
Most people are filled with excitement and enthusiasm. They’re filled with all these promises the free survey scam companies offer and dive right in without a second thought or a game plan. One of the biggest negatives of doing online surveys is providing these companies with your information. The information you provide, which is quite extensive, helps survey companies categorize you and helps them decide which surveys are best for you. If the manufacturer wants a single mother of two children, the information you provide helps these companies match your criteria to a specific group these companies want to target. That way they’re not asking a married couple with no children to do a survey on baby food.
The trick to get around wasting all your time filling out these applications is to use what is called auto fill. there are many programs out there that will help you auto populate these applications. I personally like Google for my auto fill program. It’s very easy to use this enhancement and if you search for it you can find it. This will save you hours and hours of time spent filling out the applications.

Failure to sign up with a large enough number of survey makers.
It’s very important to sign up with as many quality survey companies as possible. One company is not going to be able to provide you with enough surveys that you qualify to do. Sign up with as many survey offer companies as you possibly can. You may have to sign up for as many as 150/300 survey companies. This may sound like a lot, but not all survey companies are going to be offering surveys all the time. This gives you an opportunity to be eligible for as many surveys as possible to all the companies when they offer surveys.

Free survey scam companies will give your e-mail out to hundreds of survey companies wanting you to give them your information. Although it’s good to get with multiple companies, these companies need to be quality survey companies that will send you more than just advertisements. The other scam is to send you surveys that include a free items only if you fill out a survey and participate in additional programs.

Paid survey companies avoid what the free survey scam companies offer. The companies that they send you to have been looked at extensively. They want your honest opinion about products and services without the hook. Remember, quantity is not always quality. Paid survey companies take the time to promote only companies offering cash for your time without the advertisement.

The discouragement with getting started with online surveys is the fact that it’s a lot of work up front with minimal return at the beginning. It takes time for survey companies to qualify you for certain surveys. That’s why filling out the applications honestly is so very important. Survey makers cannot send you a survey if they don’t know what category to put you in.

Failure to act professionally
One of the biggest failures of taking online surveys is not treating it as a job. Once you start getting registered with these companies, invitations to take survey start to arrive. You must respond quickly because some of these surveys are only available for a couple of days. The client wanting the survey want instant results and will send out for more invitations than information that they need. You need to respond as quickly as possible for many reasons. You want to show to the survey companies that you are a reliable source for information. It’s very important to answer honestly and act in a professional manner. Remember, you are getting paid to do a job. This means checking your e-mails regularly, responding quickly and honestly, and do a good job of answering all questions in a timely manner.

Unrealistic Expectations
Free survey scam companies will fill you with promises of making thousands and thousands of dollars a week. This gives you the picture of being a millionaire doing surveys. This is not going to happen. With a little time and patience, you can make a very good living doing surveys. Do not fall into the free survey scam that you pay nothing and get a lot in return. You will waste your time filling out surveys that offer nothing but points that can be redeemed for cash. I cannot stress enough that you get what you pay for. Set up a work plan and stick to it. A friend of mine once told me that to be successful at doing surveys you must have a schedule. Set aside certain times during the day as you would a job and strive to maintain consistency with taking surveys. Expecting instant results and making large amounts of money with doing no work at all is very unrealistic.

Lack of patience with the process
Free survey scam companies will explain that you want instant results and start making money immediately. You hear a lot of people say “I’ve done this for two weeks and haven’t made any money so I quit.” Patience is the number one requirement for taking online surveys. The first 2 to 3 weeks is probably the hardest part. Most of your time will be spent filling out applications. Survey companies will start you off with smaller surveys. This is called the check you out time. This is basically to verify that you are answering honestly and consistently. You are earning their trust and that is very important. You are not going to get an offer for a $250 focus group overnight. Just like not being paid top dollar when you start a new job.

Free Survey Scam – Truth vs. Myth

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