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Loosing Weight Survey in 2013

Loosing Weight Survey in 2013

Loosing weight as well as giving health a better look tops the charts for 2013 resolutions. It appears that once again putting your health in check has topped the charts for those surveyed in the United States. The idea of giving healthier is definitely always on the minds around this time of year and loosing weight always seems to be the resolutions that most people pick.

Of all the resolutions found in a survey done by independents survey groups found that 73% of all people polled say loosing weight and getting more health conscious is their number one goal for the new year. Of those 73%, only about 12% will continue working to change their habits after only one week. The reasons why people do not follow through on loosing weight in the new year are as followed:

loosing weight42 percent say it’s too difficult to follow a diet or workout regimen
38 percent say it’s too hard to get back on track once they fall off
36 percent say it’s hard to find time

No matter what your excuse is, finding the right regimen for loosing weight seems to fall into the category of something that would be interesting enough to keep you going after that one week. You are definitely not alone in this struggle to gain health independence. More than 23% say they have tried four or more different strategies for loosing weight with no avail.

The key to loosing weight after all the holiday seasons have gone is find something that interests you, takes minimal amount of time, and is easy enough and flexible enough to fit into your busy lifestyle and schedule. With all the new bodybuilding and workout programs out there, loosing weight has really gotten easier. Everything from Zumba to low impact exercising that you can do while you’re sitting at a desk in your office has made reaching your goal of loosing weight simpler and easier than ever.

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