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Online Surveys: The Good, The Bad And The Really Ugly

Online Surveys: The Good, The Bad and Ugly

I have participated in many of over the 500 online survey companies on the Internet today. Just the idea that I did research on hundreds of them leads me to believe that just like everything else, there are positive and negative with each and every online survey company you choose.

Online survey companies have very different approaches to how they treat people who sign up and take online surveys. Some will actually e-mail you 1000 times with spam and telemarketer phone calls. Most of these online survey companies will end up doing nothing more than cluttering up your bulk mail box. But there are legitimate survey companies that actually provide you with an excellent way to make a secondary income. These companies understand that taken an online survey takes time I will actually compensate you would pay that is worth while for taking the survey. A good online survey group maintains a good solid reputation by providing extensive information regarding their company and maintained the double opt in e-mail confirmation. This helps prevent the over abundance of e-mails that bad online survey groups provide you.

Spending more than 15 min. a day to run through your e-mails and weed out what is an actual survey are just junk spam mail is not really a concern for the bad online survey company. Although, most still do pay cash, the rewards or point system makes extensive work out of minimal return. I personally don’t like being badgered about signing up to get more information about affordable car insurance or the latest retirement package to get credit for the 15 to 20 minutes that I just spent doing an online survey. Keeping on your toes and being redirected to websites that have nothing to do with an online survey and being harassed to purchase something is not a part of a good online survey company.

A good company that provides an online survey to you will never sell your information to spam companies or trying get you to buy something before or after taking your time to do a survey. Another thing to look out for our unforeseen charges or penalties for not doing consistent surveys online.

And if you thought it bad survey company to get any worse, there are those that are just completely downright nothing but scams. They will do everything they can to try and separate you from the money in your wallet and provide you with no benefit in the end. Tricks like accepting free magazine ads am requiring a credit card which promises no charges. Only after that month goes by you find out that you should have read the small print that charges either your checking account or your telephone bill for recurring subscription. These online survey scam companies will also lure you in by telling you for every online survey you complete you will get a certain number of opportunities to win thousands and thousands of dollars in their online sweepstakes. The only money that ends up exchanging hands is when they sell your information to a third party.

Most of the online survey companies on this website charge an initial start up fee to help you avoid the pitfalls of these bad online survey companies. With a 30-60 day money back promise, you really cant go wrong. Review the best online survey companies

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