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Survey News Is USA Hiding UFOs


Most Americans Believe Government Keeps UFO Secrets, Survey Finds

A recent survey news article released for National Geographic finds that most Americans find that extraterrestrials visiting the earth is not that crazy of an idea.

According to a recent article published by USA Today Survey News, 36% of Americans believe that aliens have visited the earth and almost 80% believe that these UFO visits have been kept secret from the public by the government. The idea, conducted in the survey by National Geographic for their upcoming new series, Chasing UFOs, asked 1100 Americans 18 years or older for their extraterrestrial opinions. The survey news poll revealed some incredible findings:

-36% believe that aliens have already visited the Earth and are continuing to come on a regular basis

-77% of those surveyed believe in the fact that aliens have visited the Earth based on the signs that have been left here.

The findings of also revealed that over half, or 55%, believe that Men in Black style agents visit and threatened those  who report seen them. Along with this over 80% believe the government as hidden information on the findings of UFOs from the public. just about 17% of those polled, Survey News reports did not believe in UFOs at all. About half said they were unsure about the idea of extraterrestrials in the first place.

survey newsFun Survey News Facts

-21% think the Incredible Hulk should be the first Superhero called in the event of an invasion, followed by 12% believing that Batman would do the better job and Spiderman pulled in 8% of the votes.

-President Obama would be a better leader to meet with the extraterrestrial leaders (65%) then would be Mitt Romney if an alien invasion were to happen.

-13% said they would hide indoors while about 25% said that they would try to befriend the non-earthly visitors. Only 5% said they would try to inflict bodily harm on the invaders.

Seth Cline is a reporter with the US news and world report and contributed all the information to this survey news study.

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