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Survey News Rodman a Spokesperson

Survey News Rodman a Spokesperson

Dennis Rodman’s recent visit to North Korea has sparked criticism throughout Washington. Although survey news is not reported whether or not people were for or against his visit to North Korea, I want to put it into the same basket as Jane Fonda and the Hanoi Hilton!

What we have is an uneducated, spoiled basketball player whose bad boy antics took him to the top of the news sort of like Kim Kardashian in and Honey Boo-Boo. Dennis Rodman used his name and bad boy image to lift his presence in national news by visiting North Korea trying to be a buddy to a dictator in a country he knows nothing about. Survey news reports that it holds the same opinion that most television news reports such as CNN and Fox News have reported. Failing to look survey news dennis rodmanat the history of the country that starves its people and has no regard for the cares of the world, Dennis Rodman made a mockery of himself by trying to portray Kim Jong as a child who does not want war. Survey news reports that this is like a trip to Disneyland. It’s a wonderful place to visit when you’re shown only what a dictator wants you to see. I do not believe that Dennis Rodman did his research on the past and present stance that North Korea has put on its people and the world. This will turn out to be a very embarrassing moment for the ex-want to be on top, attention hungry basketball player.

I believe it was in very poor taste for a basketball player with no knowledge of the crimes that have been committed on the people of North Korea to visit and call himself a friend of a dictator who is solely out for one purpose. To maintain communist rule on his people regardless of the suffering that goes on in his country.

Please feel free to post your opinion as I am very interested in finding out what other people feel about an uneducated spokespersons such as Dennis Rodman trying to portray himself as a diplomatic soldier of peace. I feel for the most part, this was just a ploy to enter back into the media and bring attention to himself.

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