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Survey News Where Are All the Jobs

Survey News :
Payroll vs. Unemployment Rate Surveys

survey news

Survey News reports that even though the US economy added 155,000 jobs in December, the unemployment rate held firm at around 7.8%. Even though this was slightly lower than November, adding these jobs should push down the unemployment rate. Why doesn’t it? Survey news discovered that the two different surveys that the government uses to determine the unemployment rate makes it difficult to really determine what the actual unemployment rate is. These are the two surveys that report how the economy is going considering job gains.

Payroll Survey News

This survey consists of information from companies and government agencies as to how many people they employ each month. The survey news from this report is very specific to the number of jobs gained or lost at the federal, state and local level. In December, the payroll survey news results showed that large companies added approximately 168,000 new jobs while the government cut 13,000 jobs.

Household Survey News

This survey is a little bit more confusing than just the standard payroll survey. There’s a little bit more room for a mistake with this survey and calculating exactly how the job growth is going in my opinion. Surveys news takers, either through online surveys or phone surveys, asked the adults that live in specific households if they have a job. If they are searching for a job, they’re considered unemployed and counted as part of the workforce.survey news If they are not looking for job at that specific time, they are not counted as part of the unemployed statistic. Survey news reports that in December that those looking for a job or actually working rose by hundred and 192,000, but only 28,000 of those surveyed said they actually found a job. The survey news poll results for this particular survey almost pushed up the unemployment rate. But because of the fact the government likes to round things off, it remained at 7.8%.

Survey News Reports

I believe the household survey does a better job of determining the reality of what Americans are going through when it comes to finding a job. The reason I believe this is because the household survey news report has a better chance of including hiring and firing a small businesses, the self-employed and the farm industry. The only downfall to the household survey, is that to generate this monthly survey news report, the Labor Department only asks approximately 60,000 households out of the hundred million that are available. I believe this leaves too much of a gap to discover the reality of how our economy is growing. Survey news reports from the payroll survey polls information from approximately 140,000 companies and government agencies. These results also include wages, hours worked, and other specific details that provide a more well-rounded opinion of our work force on a month-to-month basis.

Although most Americans tend to sway their survey news results from the household survey, economists tend to look more at the figures from the payroll survey. Regardless of the difference in numbers that come from the survey news results, the numbers tend to even themselves out over time. On average over the past 12 months the payroll survey has shown that 1.84 million jobs has been added while the household survey shows a little bit more improvement with 2.2 million people stating that they had been able to find solid employment.

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survey news

Survey News Alcohol Stays On Top

Survey News Alcohol Stays On Top

Americans love to drink! 40% of Americans who took part in a survey news report said they’ve had at least one drink in the past week. And while beer tends to be the favorite alcoholic beverage, wine is making a move and climbing the ranks faster than the previous years. Men and younger adults still remain on the top of the list to be favored to get a DWI. This may also sound alarming, one in five adults who drink, or roughly 14%, are still in denial with the fact that they have a drinking problem.

Survey News and the Economy

In today’s tough economy where consumers are continuing a downward trend on spending, alcohol remains immune to the downward spin. Roughly 4 in 10 Americans, 44%, have maintained or increased their alcohol consumption and plan to do so in 2013, according to survey news reports from Gallup’s Annual Consumption Habits Poll. Although the trends for what women prefer versus men stays the same, consumption of alcohol remains steady in our ever-changing economic environment.

Survey News American Drinking Habits

survey news drinkingOn average, survey news reports that 66% of those surveyed prefer to have a drink at least four days a week. With beer remaining on top, liquor was favored by 22% of those surveyed and just a tad bit more than that for those who drink wine. 12% admitted to having on average eight or more drinks in the week before the survey.

As typically thought, 52% of the women taking part in the survey news report preferred wine over beer and just about 20% of those women surveyed favored either liquor or beer. Men will always love their beer and proved it with 55% preferring a nice cold beer by almost double the 21% who favored liquor.
Men Still Prefer Beer; Women Still Prefer Wine

The slight majority of male drinkers, 55%, say they most often drink beer, followed by liquor and wine at 21% and 20%, respectively. Female drinkers have an equally strong preference for wine, with 52% saying they most often drink wine and just over 20% favoring either liquor or beer. Age did play a factor in this survey with those aged 55 and older, wine was considered the best way to get an evening buzz while 18 to 54-year-olds preferred to end their day with something more in the beer category. Also, while drinkers in the East tended to lean more towards drinking wine, Gallup’s survey news report Midwesterners leaned more towards that in a frosty mug.

Survey News Among the Races

Male drinkers, roughly 33% admit to drinking more than they should on a wild night out compared to 14% of the female drinkers who lose control. Also, white drinkers on average consume 4.5 drinks a week while nonwhites tend to control themselves a little bit more with only 3.3 alcoholic beverages per week. And of course we all know that younger adults, especially men aged 18 to 49 are the heaviest of any age and gender group according to this survey news report. 36% of younger men confessed that they drink too much. This is in comparison to 18% of older men. The results of the survey news reported that 20% of younger women tend overindulge while out for a night on the town while only 8% of older women lose control on a night out.

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Online Surveys and the News

Online Surveys and the News

Online surveys are popping up all over the news. CNN, Fox news, and local television stations all comment on opinion polls that are given through online surveys.

Surveys have become by far the most popular way to get the opinion of a large group of people quickly with minimal cost. Everything from what you eat in the morning to how far you drive to work. I’ve also noticed in the last two or three years of taking surveys myself that these opinion polls are not just based on retail marketers or manufacturing companies trying to find out whether or not you like Fruit of the Loom underwear or Hanes socks. The popularity of companies seeking what you feel about certain products or events in America or around the world is transforming the way everyone does business.

Online Surveys finding its place

Now more than ever it’s almost become a necessity for any big conglomerate company to seek out what the mass population is feeling and thinking. I don’t see any other way then for them to use the convenience of the Internet to conduct online surveys quickly and conveniently. Not only for the company that’s wanting the online survey done, but for the individuals that they wish to get the information from. Now is the time to jump in!

Online Surveys Evolution

Surveys have evolved from the simple answer a few questions in the parking lot on your way from the store to a more profitable part-time job for those willing to take time consistently. Not only are there companies that just want you to answer questions, online surveys have evolved into jobs that include testing home products, evaluating managers and employees on the job and giving your opinion about the quality of service for particular product such as food or drinks.

Online Surveys are now more important with the ever-changing economy and the overall fact that the attitude of people who shop and use products is starting to change. Companies need to keep up on these ever-changing statistics and need your help. In return, they are willing to pay a hefty reward for those willing to participate in online surveys and other tasks that include Secret Shopper and dine in a evaluations. If you’re looking for a way to include a solid income into your home to help make ends meet or to have that little extra, it’s never been a better time to start getting involved with online surveys.

Best Paid Online Surveys
Survey Truths and Myths

Online Surveys: The Good, The Bad And The Really Ugly

Online Surveys: The Good, The Bad and Ugly

I have participated in many of over the 500 online survey companies on the Internet today. Just the idea that I did research on hundreds of them leads me to believe that just like everything else, there are positive and negative with each and every online survey company you choose.

Online survey companies have very different approaches to how they treat people who sign up and take online surveys. Some will actually e-mail you 1000 times with spam and telemarketer phone calls. Most of these online survey companies will end up doing nothing more than cluttering up your bulk mail box. But there are legitimate survey companies that actually provide you with an excellent way to make a secondary income. These companies understand that taken an online survey takes time I will actually compensate you would pay that is worth while for taking the survey. A good online survey group maintains a good solid reputation by providing extensive information regarding their company and maintained the double opt in e-mail confirmation. This helps prevent the over abundance of e-mails that bad online survey groups provide you.

Spending more than 15 min. a day to run through your e-mails and weed out what is an actual survey are just junk spam mail is not really a concern for the bad online survey company. Although, most still do pay cash, the rewards or point system makes extensive work out of minimal return. I personally don’t like being badgered about signing up to get more information about affordable car insurance or the latest retirement package to get credit for the 15 to 20 minutes that I just spent doing an online survey. Keeping on your toes and being redirected to websites that have nothing to do with an online survey and being harassed to purchase something is not a part of a good online survey company.

A good company that provides an online survey to you will never sell your information to spam companies or trying get you to buy something before or after taking your time to do a survey. Another thing to look out for our unforeseen charges or penalties for not doing consistent surveys online.

And if you thought it bad survey company to get any worse, there are those that are just completely downright nothing but scams. They will do everything they can to try and separate you from the money in your wallet and provide you with no benefit in the end. Tricks like accepting free magazine ads am requiring a credit card which promises no charges. Only after that month goes by you find out that you should have read the small print that charges either your checking account or your telephone bill for recurring subscription. These online survey scam companies will also lure you in by telling you for every online survey you complete you will get a certain number of opportunities to win thousands and thousands of dollars in their online sweepstakes. The only money that ends up exchanging hands is when they sell your information to a third party.

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